Say Yes to Vouchers (!)


by Tammy Drennan

First, of course, parents make adjustments in spending priorities and lifestyles, so they can pay as much as possible on their own. Many will find that some form of independent education is entirely affordable and that investing in their children is far more gratifying than investing in houses and cars. But there will still be those who struggle and cannot reasonably afford independent options. These people need and deserve help.

The answer is quite simple — private vouchers, also known as scholarships. Millions, possibly billions, of dollars in private donations now flow into public schools, all to little effect. Why not redirect that money to efforts that would make a real difference — in both excellence and independence? We have the means. We have the ability. Do we have the will?

This is the question we must ask ourselves. Do we have the will? Are we prepared to take back our children?  Millions of children are waiting for an answer — will the grown-ups come to their rescue or will they hold out for the money? Will Daddy and Mommy, Uncle and Aunty, Pastor and Neighbor stand up and shout “Enough!” or will they stand up and shout “We pay taxes!”

Independent, excellent education is ours for the taking. We have it within our power right now to provide it not only for our own children but for all children. We don’t need the state and we shouldn’t want it. Education does not belong in the hands of government. Education belongs to the people, and it’s high time we take it back.  The current battle over government vouchers rages and will continue to rage — in the schools and the union offices and the courts and the newspapers. That has nothing to do with us. Just as the parents of eight million children have already ignored the state’s grab for their children’s minds and have chosen independence, so we can make independence an option for all.

Now is the time to ask yourself how you can help those who need a hand in choosing freedom in education. If you are a person of only moderate means, help in a small way — help one child, help one school, ask your friends to join you in sponsoring a child. If you have more, give more. If you have much, invest in a real future and stop throwing your money away on things that don’t work. If you’re a leader, take a look at your priorities and what you have to offer those you serve. If you have no money to give, give encouragement or time. Education belongs to us. It is our right and our responsibility. Just as we look out for our neighbors’ safety and property, just as we lend a helping hand when a relative is ill or a friend in need, so we must extend our willing charity to the future of all of our children. We must empower others as we wish to be empowered. Freedom not shared is freedom lost.

Who will take the first step? 

The single biggest argument against getting the state out of our children’s minds, emotions and morals is that minus tax-funded schooling, so many would have to go without education altogether. That’s where vouchers come in, but first…

4 Responses to Say Yes to Vouchers (!)

  1. bob graham says:

    Public schooling has slipped to levels which case the young to be dependent and not independent. Not only is the level of education poor but the instilling of a desire to rise above the status quo does not exist . Most young children are brought up as latch key and only see thewir parents when they come home tired from a full day of work. Private schools have better “Cheer Leaders” , a real incitement to excite success and no real hidden agendas. I belive that vouchers would be beneficial to all children who have the desire to participate but even in private schools parents are still the real secret to success. Many times I’ve seen the children with less rise above everyone when given the opportunity , but there are still those who being around the more affluent tend to drift even more aimlessly. Good and bad in all ?

  2. LadyPoet says:

    Thanks for your blog! I did not think about the money that milk companies and box tops put into public education.

    Private education on national average costs almost 1/2 what public school does. So for every kid those companies put through public school…they could be putting two kids through private school.

    Thanks so much!


  3. Mary from NJ says:

    Our children need a better education and most of our school districts can’t do it, especially for our children who are learning different, not having a learning disability but our other children who struggle because they don’t understand and our teacher’s do not have the resources or the backing of there administrators. Vouchers would be able to help those children to get the right education they need from a school that can give it to them. Our administrators have blinders on, I know that for a fact my child has dyslexia and our school psychologist has mentioned that children like this can not be taught. What does that tell us about our school, its like the old times if you can’t keep up then you must be dumb. Well I am that parent that believes in vouchers and our children. Every child and every family has the right to find the right education for our children but we need help. The financial burden is overwhelming, yet the public schools say that “we as parents are looking for prestige education and that is not true what’s so ever, what we are looking for is that our children succeed and not to be forgotten. Parent’s we need to get together and be the voice for our children, its time we stand up and fight for them.

  4. tdbwd says:


    You are right that parents must stand up for their children — if a child can’t count on his own parents to do what’s best for him, he’s in the most serious trouble. You are also right that many parents need help with their children’s education and that we need more options for parents. But fighting a system that has no intention of changing and has some of the most powerful unions and people in the country backing it — and sacrificing your child in the process of trying to effect change — isn’t an option that will help your child. So, you’re in the tough position of having to rescue your child from the system that’s hurting him but feeling as if you lack the resources to do it. If you’d like to explore your options, I’d be happy to talk with you. E-mail me at and we can arrange to talk by phone, if you like. Or you might like to spend some time looking at — it has tons of ideas to help in many situatuions. Yours, Tammy Drennan

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