Last Great Christian Surrender

Public schools now educate and inform the intellectual, social and even physical development of most children, including most Christian children. Christians have invested considerable energy and money toward explaining why this is okay.

Maybe the ultimate statement on just how okay Christians are with state schools educating and equipping their children for life is their drive to turn their own sacred text over to the state for dissemination as an academic subject.

From the outset of state schooling, the government has had to fight parents for control of their children. Not all parents, not even most, but many. Many more parents have given in out of sheer exhaustion or ignorance. But now – now the state is finding itself transposed with parents. No longer does it have to fight for the children. Instead, parents are fighting to make it take them. And to make it take a greater portion of them. “Don’t only teach them to read, write and figure,” parents are clamoring, “teach them  relationship skills, good health practices, character qualities, the Bible!”

That’s right — Christian parents demanding that the state take on the teaching of their own Bible!

There’s really nothing left, is there?

When Max Victor Belz said that he didn’t want the state to feed or clothe his children but he’d rather it did that than educate them, he had no clue of the future. Most of his fellow believers give every indication they’d like the state to do it all.

It’s a sad time in history for Christian children. May we wake up before it’s too late.

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6 Responses to Last Great Christian Surrender

  1. David says:

    What’s the problem with the state educating our children in every area of life – spiritual or otherwise? After all, every pre-mil dispensationalist (“Left Behind” eschatological view) I’ve talked to say “things will get much worse before Christ comes back.” If that’s the case, then why would we want to slow things down by giving our kids a Christian education? For that matter, why try to reform anything, evangelize anyone, or be involved politically if it delays Christ’s return?

    The response I get usually is, “people that espouse the view “to do nothing to speed up Christ’s return” are horrible and selfish.” But at least these “Christians” would be acting out the “left behind” view consistently. Let’s flip-flop. Think of what would happen if we were successful as Christians, by God’s grace, in reforming public education, D.C., and America (and world) socially: Christ would never come back! That is if the pre-mil’s are to be taken seriously.

    Now…I’ve played devil’s advocate here because I’m a post-mil/historicist/theonomist. As such, I believe there is actually a reason to educate our children at home: so that Christians take dominion of what God granted us in the Garden of Eden – earth. Post-millennialism is an eschatological view of hope; whereas, pre-mil theology has emasculated the church and is one of despair.

    My hope and prayer is that the church (that has historically been post-mil) returns to its dominion oriented roots. Until then, the church will continue lose its saltiness/usefulness. A good book that compares different eschatological views is by Robert Clouse, “The Meaning of The Millennium.” A good book on Post-Millennialism is by Keith Mathison, “Postmillennialism, An Eschatology of Hope.”

    Demanding the State teach the Bible? How Left Behind-ish.

  2. bob graham says:

    There should be religious classes available, however I don’t think it is anyones best interest to have any government say which religion gets priority. Religion should start in the heart of every one , not in school , so the short fall is with parenting, you can’t force a child into a faith they must be educated into it and left to choose their own path with dedication from their own heart. What the world does not need is any more fanatics from any religion .

  3. Braden says:

    I graduated high school 2 years ago. I was a public school student all my life and this is why I am such a staunch advocate for homeschooling and complete separation of school and state. I have the first-hand experience.

    I bring this up because this topic of religion I can attest to. Being a devout Christian myself, I would be ABSOLUTELY OPPOSED to granting the State any authority whatsoever to teach religion. I was exposed to ‘comparative religion’ in my senior English class (why, I’m not sure; we never did address English that semester), and I can assure you that the presentation was anything but factual. As a matter of fact, it was an outright distortion. The teacher completely misrepresented the central tenants of my faith, as well as others, and wouldn’t even accept correction from myself or any other self-professed Christians in the class (whom you would assume would have firsthand knowledge of their own faith).

    Eventually, we were given an assignment in class to write an essay on the comparative religions that were addressed. I wrote a long, well-detailed, entirely factual, well-sourced essay. When I received the paper back a few days later, the entire essay was crossed out in red pen to the point of being illegible, I had received a D-, and she had scribbled ‘No outside research!!’ on the top. The teacher would not allow any information other than the fabrications presented to us in class!

    Oddly enough, despite giving me such a poor grade and scribbling out my essay, from that point forward she began to spell the holy book of Islam as Qur’an, as I had done in my paper, correcting herself from her previous spelling of Koran. Perhaps she was upset for feeling inferior when confronted on her disinformation campaign and could not fathom correction of any sort, seeing as she was meant to be the ‘authority’ on all subjects.

    Christians are neglecting their children enough by sending them to the public schools. They are committing an egregious sin to further that neglect by outsourcing the teaching of their faith to government school teachers who are hostile to it, at best.

  4. tdbwd says:

    Braden, Thank you for such a thought-provoking reply. For any of you who haven’t read the previous reply (Braden’s), it would be worth your time.

  5. wintertime says:

    I fear that there are too many Christian teachers in the government schools are doing more harm than good. While there are some teachers with true callings, I do wonder about some of the things said to me by Christian teachers.

    Please remember that Bruce Shortt of the Exodus Mandate reports that 85% of youth from Christian homes leave the faith within 2 years of graduating from high school. Those that do profess to be Christian sadly, have a mish mash of belief that is really a New Age philosophy and not bible based.

    Christian government school teachers have said to me, “I teach in the government schools because sometimes I can sneak in some Christian philosophy.”

    So?……If a Christian teacher is attempting to slyly “sneak-in” Christian belief into a fundamentally pagan program, isn’t the Christian teacher teaching the students that Christians are sly and sneaky? By example isn’t this teacher teaching all the students that the teacher is so timid that he or she feels they must “sneak” the Christianity in rather than be bold and straight forward about it.

    Some teachers have said, ” Where would I find another job?”

    Isn’t this Christian teacher teaching the students that Christians are too fearful, too ill-educated, too stupid to find work in the private sector, or they do not have faith enough to trust God’s Providence.

    One Christian teacher said to me, ” I tell the students that I don’t believe this stuff, but I have to teach it.”

    Oh my! …( sigh!),,,This Christian teacher is teaching the students that she is too fearful, and timid to tell the adults running the school that the material is in error, but she will give erroneous material to kids, and apologize while doing it. Again, this Christian teacher has taught the students that Christians are too fearful or lukewarm in their faith to stand up to the adults running the school, and will feed lies to children.

    Then there are the entire question of a Christian upholding, supporting, sustaining, abetting, aiding, and cooperating with a school curriculum and polices that are in utter contradiction to Christian teaching! What lesson is this teaching children?

    Sadly, I am certain that many students conclude that Christians will sell their most precious principles for a paycheck and pension. One Christian teacher said to me, ” I will retire soon. That is why I put up with it.”

    If Christ would spit fence-sitting, lukewarm, sneaky, sly, lying, timid, and weak Christians out of his mouth ( people who would sell their principles for a paycheck) then I am not surprised that only 85% of children from Christian homes do as well. I am not surprised that Christian teachers have so little measurable influence on the school, the non-Christian teachers around them, or the non-Christian students.

    Christian teachers also hold back freedom of choice and development of private schools because their ministers are afraid to offend the very people who put money in the church collection basket. The more government teachers and school workers in the pews, the less likely the church will step up to start private schools.

    I kindly ask Christian teachers to thoroughly re-evaluate what they are doing in the government schools. Please be bold. Stand up for right, but be prepared to be fired. If you can’t do this, and if you can’t or aren’t being a bold confident Christian then, please consider quiting.

    There are two ways to fight a forest fire: Starve the fire, or hit it with water.

    Being a weak and timid Christian teacher in a government school is like putting out a forest fire with a water pistol.

    Removing students from the government schools is like starving the government school forest fire. It also builds political support for private alternatives in the voting booth.

    If Christian teachers would work with their ministers to open small schools, one room school houses, micro-schools, dame schools, virtual schools, ,,,and ,,If they could be a resource for homeschool cooperatives, children could be removed from the government schools one at a time. Once these schools were well functioning, non-members could be invited in. Imagine! What a wonderful opportunity to mentor non-Christian parents, and introduce them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

    Christian teachers should always remember that the most important mission field of any Christian teacher is his or her OWN children. The next most important mission are the children of their own congregations.

    Please, Christian teachers, please pray about what I have written.

  6. SoliDeoGloria says:

    wintertime – EXCELLENT reply!! You really convicted the Christian teachers from an angle I hadn’t thought of before. Great comments.

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