Education: What Results Do We Want?

By Tammy Drennan

In our ongoing effort to understand the meaning of education, I’d like to share some thoughts – and questions.

Education, in my opinion, is about learning to interpret events and experiences in an increasingly mature and wise way. In order to do this, you must know things – that is, accumulate knowledge and experience. And you must understand things – that is, accumulate insight and wisdom.

Does this happen in school? What meaningful knowledge did your child accumulate in school last year? What insight or wisdom did he gain? In what way did he come to better understand the world so that he’ll one day be able to contribute to its improvement?

Another way of looking at it is this: In what way did school help your child mature in the last year? Did she become better able to judge the claims of science? Better equipped to interpret the motives of politicians and leaders? More acclimated to interacting with people of many ages and backgrounds? More thoughtful in expressing her views on issues or past events? More willing to go the distance in gaining understanding and insight? More tempered in her reactions and conclusions about people and events? More eager to search out learning and understanding on her own? More moral, more self-directed, kinder, more giving, more… whatever you consider a mark of maturity?

In what way has school prepared your child for a meaningful life? Has it fitted him for independence and leadership or for servitude and obedience? For creativity or consumption? For problem-solving or resignation? For acting or being acted upon?

What is the purpose of education? Before we can possibly know what education should look like we must know the end result we wish.

What is the end result you want from your children’s education?  And with that in mind, what do you think is the best way to get there?

One Response to Education: What Results Do We Want?

  1. Anita van Zyl says:

    The keyword within the following sentence “The results we want” is “WE”. “WE” as in parents or teachers are expecting great results through Education. We all want our children to gain maximum knowledge so that they are prepared to make their own decisions and make a contribution to society. Looking from a different angle, are children still interested in Education? Do they still have the urge to achieve knowledge and wisdom?

    The era we live in, children goes to school not because they want to, cause they have to. Some children aren’t interested in education at all. I can gladly say that there is a small percentage of children that are still willing to learn and are interested in making something out of life. We expect results but with no input from the Children’s side, it will be fruitless.

    It is also the school’s responsibility to have motivated and skilled teachers and that they are willing to make a difference in a child’s life. Some teachers doesn’t have the motivation to make a difference. They provide education, but they don’t care whether the children are making it their own.

    Homeschooling sounds like a solution at this time cause parents are concerned and are willing to provide them with the best equipment to move on in life. Once again, the children should be willing to participate as well to achieve the best results.

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