Professor Questions Institutional Education

Writer and professor Sol Smith reflects on the meaning of education.
Entire article here.


Certainly the degree will perform as it should on any resume and speak for the hard work of the owner. But for those who treat a college degree as an “education,” they will leave school more ignorant than when they entered.

…and as you learn more, you should only learn that there is so much more that you haven’t learned.

We don’t tell you this in school. We’re peddling a product. For you to earn your degree, you needn’t learn much. Even to get a doctorate, you don’t have to learn anything original. Instead what you really learn in college–or any other level of schooling–is how to navigate the system. Though you may be exposed to wonderful ideas, works, theories, and discoveries, these are simply side-effects of your primary mission in school: to conform.

One Response to Professor Questions Institutional Education

  1. Sol says:

    Thanks for linking this! I just checked it out for the first time. This little article of mine was also translated and published in Croatia. I’m so flattered that this hit a note with people.

    Please feel free–and invited–to check out my parenting blog, which talks a lot about education.

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