Christian Children: State Children

by Tammy Drennan


Note: Sometimes strong words are the only words. Softness dilutes the message and covers up the problem, encouraging people to tuck the issue into the far recesses of the mind where conscience never ventures. This is a message for all Christians, but especially for those in leadership positions – those who lay claim to a special call from God to lead others in the paths of righteousness.


The Christian community’s approach to childrearing:


1. Turn children over to state for the molding of their worldview and social development.


2. Cry foul when secular state schools act both secular and state-like.


3. Develop ministries and missionaries to win back children, but do not remove children from source of the problem.


4. Develop organizations and campaigns to pressure and force state schools to promote Christian agendas.


5. When criticized for keeping children in state schools, claim children are actually there as missionaries.


Of course, this isn’t the approach of all Christians with children in state schools. Many say they are happy with their particular schools, which actually have some Christian teachers who, while they obviously can’t teach a Biblical worldview, nevertheless are very nice people who can be counted on to at least not mention some of the more egregious unmentionables.


Some are bold enough and honest enough to admit that they’d rather apply their money to uses other than their children’s education.


Some truly cannot afford alternatives, and they’re pretty sure that their churches would rather spend on high-tech equipment, beautiful buildings, and missionary outreaches to fallen children of Christian parents than on Christian education.


The education of children from Christian families by the state is the greatest shame of the church today. There’s no soft way to say it, no warm, fuzzy, no-commitment way to point out that it’s wrong.


The Christian world has the resources to rear its children as Christians but chooses not to. Further, it has not one compelling argument for its choice.


If Christians were to turn their hearts toward the most precious gift and the most solemn responsibility God has given them, not only would they redeem their own future, they would have something of true worth to offer a world hungry for meaning and direction. But for now, Christians are followers, not leaders.


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6 Responses to Christian Children: State Children

  1. Frances says:

    Whoa, during your week of no posts, I see you took the time to load both barrels. And I love it.

    I do loathe mealy-mouthing. Sadly I have sometimes been a mealy-mouther. I pray to have more courage to actually say these things out loud instead of just write them. It is hard to look people in the eye and tell them these things.

    I think part of the problem is that many Christian parents haven’t taken the time to raise their children instead leaving them with strangers from infantcy. Daycares were the first plague of handing our children over to others. It is very hard to switch gears.

    I think tough talk may be the only way some people will listen

  2. tdbwd says:


    Hi. I have to admit I thought long and hard before posting this piece. I finally added the note at the beginning to help people understand that my intention was not to be mean but to say something I felt really needed to be said and to say it like I meant it. Sometimes it seems that Christian organizations spend more time trying not to offend teachers than they do trying to help parents make the right choices regarding their children’s education. Thanks much for commenting.


  3. onemom says:

    Excellent post (I found you through Francis). Two thoughts: 1. This is why I homeschool; 2. When the President was talking last night about the government “committing to the education of our children from the moment they are born” … it always concerns me when the government starts talking about educating (indoctrinating) “our” children.

  4. tdbwd says:

    Dear Onemom,

    So glad to have you visit and participate!

    I’m glad you pointed out the president’s comment. I missed the speech but just read the text on-line. Not only did he say it will be the goal of his administration to ensure access to education from the day children are born, he also said:

    “And dropping out of high school is no longer an option. It’s not just quitting on yourself, it’s quitting on your country – and this country needs and values the talents of every American.”

    The noose tightens around children’s necks as the government continues to work to define what makes life worthwhile and successful and what Americans have a right to do with their lives. Now, apparently, quitting high school is tantamount to betraying your country.

    I know several dozen high school drop-outs who are highly successful business owners who chose to define themselves before the age of government approval to do such a thing (not that the state ever wants an individual to define himself).

    Some of the saddest stories I read in newspapers are ones in which people in their 60s and 70s who have lived full and fruitful lives go back to take a GED or take classes to earn a high school diploma. We are so brainwashed by the state that we actually believe that a lifetime of happiness and financial success is ultimately unfulfilling without that certificate of approval to get on with life from the government.

    Thanks so much for writing. Hope to hear from you again!


  5. onemom says:

    Don’t forget about Obama’s (and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel)plan to make “service” mandatory (not military service, but a forced community service which will be tied to ability to get student loans, grants, and a multitude of other benefits).

  6. Frances says:

    That mandatory service was one of the things mentioned in Texas HCR66 (a state sovereignty resolution). That has put a bee in many a bonnet.

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