4th of July Freedom Articles

July 1, 2009

Can We Handle Freedom of Education?

One thing that must happen on the road to freedom from state schooling is a complete redefinition of education. There is no choice. (Article includes ideas and links to resources.)

Did Public Schools Make America Great?

“By 1940,” according to public school historian Lawrence A. Cremin, “the average American adult had completed 8.6 years of schooling.”** That’s an average of about an eighth grade education 164 years into our nationhood – in school years that were considerably shorter than they are today. By that time, we’d built a phenomenal infrastructure, been through many wars…

Fake Freedom

So, you’ve decided to walk away from state schools and never look back. Now you’re free, right? Probably not. Just as a slave isn’t truly free until he sheds not only his master’s chains but his master’s definition of him…

Free Bodies. Enslaved Minds.

Freedom is the power that will overcome our fear, but we must embrace it in all its forms. It is no good to be physically free and intellectually enslaved.

Freedom is a Big Muscle

The good news is that freedom is one big muscle. Exercise it every day and it gets bigger and stronger. Strong produces confident. Confident produces fearless. Fearless produces committed.

Righteous Indignation

A little righteous indignation, please.

One of the things that fueled the American Revolution was old-fashioned righteous indignation — who did King George think he was…

Why do we yearn for affirmation from the state — as if we are inadequate until our government tells us otherwise? Where is our sense of pride and self-reliance, of confidence and independence? Where is our outrage that a government that is supposed to be under our critical eye is instead the critic and we the critiqued?

The Guts to Keep Our Liberty

Free people are not intellectually prepped for life by their government. In a free country, the government does not dictate or even predict the future then fashion the citizens to fit it. That’s how they do it in dictatorships. That’s how Hitler and Stalin and Mao did it. That’s how dozens of tyrannies and wanna-be tyrannies do it today.

Why Independence? Why Now?

Education is the heart muscle in a society. All other freedoms become weak and eventually non-existent without freedom in education. Freedom of the press, of assembly, and yes, even of religion, mean little where the state controls the intellectual and social development of citizens.

Religious Reasons to Choose Freedom

Articles, illustrative stories, a survey, resources to help parents and religious leaders think more deeply about their education decisions.

Freedom as an Option  Do we still have enough memory of freedom to want it?