5 Reasons I Keep My Children Out

June 8, 2008

by Tammy Drennan

Note: In my case, it’s actually 5 Reasons I Kept My Children Out, since my children are grown.


1. By keeping my children out of public schools, I teach them that their minds are their own and that they are competent and capable human beings when it comes to learning and understanding, and that they are fully able and free to define themselves.


2. By keeping my children out of public schools, I help strengthen the private and home school movements, thus ensuring a safety net for public school families when their situations turn sour.


3. By keeping my children out of public schools I contribute to the potential for a socially fit society free of the worst effects of institutionalization.


4. By keeping my children out of public schools, I deny social activists an opportunity to use undemocratic methods to spread their agendas.


5. By keeping my children out of public schools, I promote the cause of freedom and help keep a light of hope shining for a large part of the world that still lives in a state of fear and intimidation under the thumbs of tyrants.


Keeping my children out of public school is the most positive thing I can do – for them, for society, for the cause of liberty. It is a liberating, invigorating, exhilarating, healthy act.


I am well aware that there are people who do not (though many more who simply think they do not) have the option of keeping their children out of public school. I have devoted a significant portion of my life to trying to remedy that situation and will continue to do more. But the worst thing I could do is choose to become a fellow-slave in order to show my sympathy.


The best thing I can do is empower as many people as possible to choose freedom and ask those I’ve helped to help another.


Ways to Help Parents Choose or Maintain Freedom


1. Encouragement. Praise in the form of letters, post cards, e-mails, text messages, phone calls. A little praise works wonders.


2. A helping hand. If you know an overwhelmed homeschool or private school parent, could you help out with some chores or babysitting? Be sure to let them know you’re doing it out of admiration for their commitment to independent education.


3. Your time. Do you have a skill or talent you could offer to teach at a private school or a homeschool group? Could you help homeschool a child from a single parent home?


4. Money/Goods. Money is often tight for homeschool families living on one income or private school families struggling to pay tuition. A contribution to school expenses, a grocery gift card, a tank of gas, can all add up to not only a small financial boost but a big morale boost. Help private schools with contributions, support of fund raisers, art or music supplies, books for libraries, office supplies, etc.


5. Tuition subsidy. If you have it to spare, maybe you could help finance private or homeschooling for a single parent family. Or maybe you and a group of friends could do it. Or maybe you could conduct a fundraiser to do it.


These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much each one of us can do, so many little things that add up to big results. Working individually and as groups, we can make independence a reality for increasing numbers of families.


Every bit helps, but we must act. Share your ideas and experiences below!