Amid Hard Times Homeschoolers Keep Going

March 4, 2009

This is probably the most encouraging article I’ve ever seen on homeschooling and independence. You’re going to love it. – Tammy


Amid hard times, homeschooling families persist

By DAVID CRARY • The Associated Press • March 3, 2009




When hard times reached the Schneider household in central Oregon, the longtime stay-at-home mom took action – getting a job at Subway to offset a drop in her husband’s earnings. What she didn’t do was also notable: She didn’t stop homeschooling her three teenage children.


“I would fight tooth and nail to homeschool,” said Schneider, 47, a devout Roman Catholic who wants to convey her values to her children. “I’m making it work because it’s my absolute priority.”


“Homeschoolers are pretty self-reliant,” said Judy Aron of West Hartford, Conn., who has homeschooled three children. “They’d rather cut back on other things. …They very vehemently don’t want to see themselves as victims.”


“During difficult times, people tend to go back to basics,” Marcucci said. “I know a family with five children – the father’s been out of work 18 months and they’re still homeschooling.”