Breeders for the State

July 11, 2007

by Tammy Drennan

Are you breeding children for the state? You may not think so, but there are plenty of others who do… politicians, teachers’ unions, social activists, local school authorities, the list could go on.

If you have any doubt that they consider your childbearing to be for the benefit of the state (and their purposes via the state, of course), you need only look at their increasingly voracious demands for your children. They want them earlier, for longer hours, for more days, for more purposes – and they believe they have the right to them.

Are some of these despots nice people? Yes. Do some of them have good intentions? Yes. Does that mean we feed our children to them? Of course not!

Our children have only one defense against the endless parade of people who consider them essentially wards of the state – and that’s their parents. If we won’t protect them, who will? If we won’t say no to the predators (the nice ones and the criminal ones) who will?

It may take some work and sacrifice and even some courage, but what better cause than our own children?