Last Great Christian Surrender

June 2, 2007

Public schools now educate and inform the intellectual, social and even physical development of most children, including most Christian children. Christians have invested considerable energy and money toward explaining why this is okay.

Maybe the ultimate statement on just how okay Christians are with state schools educating and equipping their children for life is their drive to turn their own sacred text over to the state for dissemination as an academic subject.

From the outset of state schooling, the government has had to fight parents for control of their children. Not all parents, not even most, but many. Many more parents have given in out of sheer exhaustion or ignorance. But now – now the state is finding itself transposed with parents. No longer does it have to fight for the children. Instead, parents are fighting to make it take them. And to make it take a greater portion of them. “Don’t only teach them to read, write and figure,” parents are clamoring, “teach them  relationship skills, good health practices, character qualities, the Bible!”

That’s right — Christian parents demanding that the state take on the teaching of their own Bible!

There’s really nothing left, is there?

When Max Victor Belz said that he didn’t want the state to feed or clothe his children but he’d rather it did that than educate them, he had no clue of the future. Most of his fellow believers give every indication they’d like the state to do it all.

It’s a sad time in history for Christian children. May we wake up before it’s too late.

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