Church/School Issue Revisited

February 3, 2008

by Tammy Drennan

We’ve had several comments recently expressing the unlikelihood that churches and Christian organizations will ever become a force for freedom in education.

They are too tied to the opinions and money of public school employees within their congregations and membership, not too mention the grousing of parents who think that God wants their children to be reared by the state because they pay taxes.

I wish I could say, “No, you’re wrong! Churches will rise to the occasion. Christian organizations will stand for independence!” But we all know that would be incredibly naïve.

Here’s the latest example. In the Feb. 1, 2008 Citizen Link put out by Focus on the Family, the organization decries a Massachusetts court decision that allows schools to expose young children to pro-homosexual stories and books.

At the end of Citizen Link’s short summary of the situation, they offer resources for parents facing such a problem at their children’s schools. I fully expected to see links to private and home schooling resources, but no. Not a one. Instead, there were the usual links that offered to help parents fight the state system and make it bend to their will.

James Dobson has, once or twice in the past, called for parents to remove their children from public schools. Why not this time? Who knows. Maybe he took a lot of flak for the other times. Maybe no one did it, and he decided it wasn’t a realistic strategy or that he’d just look foolish doing it again.

But before we lose hope, the seeds of education independent of the state do lie within the Christian ethic. And there are churches running schools and assisting homeschoolers. There are churches that place children before profit.

Billy Graham is credited with this quote: “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.”

With a little help from concerned individuals (you and me), maybe the spines of a few more churches will be stiffened. Then a few more.

Here’s an idea. Print up a few of the articles on this site (or from some other source) that you consider most compelling, and send them to a dozen churches or organizations this week. It’s a step that could change the lives of many children and families.

Obviously, churches and Christian organizations are only part of the independence equation, but they are an important part, by virtue of their sheer numbers and influence on parent decision-making, if nothing else. Their lack of support for independence hurts children and families and their overt support of state schooling contributes not only to the deterioration of civil and decent society but to their own demise and thus the good they could do, if they so chose.

There is always hope, but we must act.

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