Freedom is a Big Muscle

February 10, 2008

by Tammy Drennan

Freedom isn’t something you just choose and there you are. Voila! It takes practice. The lure to be dependent in our society is great. And nowhere is it greater than in education.

Dependency not only robs us of the habit of freedom, it also robs us of some of the attributes that enable us to commit to it – self-confidence, self-respect, even our work ethic.

Dependence on state schooling robs us in ways  other than dependencies. Because it eats up so much of our lives at such impressionable ages, our difficulty in trusting ourselves with our own children’s learning, our incredulity that someone’s knowledge can be trusted without the benefit of a diploma (our own included), our infatuation with any and every person in possession of a diploma, is all the more embedded.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, the saying goes – a truer one has never been uttered. The cradle, of course, is not the bed of the infant but the mind of the child. Most of us are victims of the public school hand that started lulling our little brains into accepting the paternity of the state then kept those brains childlike – too timid to embrace the full responsibilities of parenthood. Even when we refrain from turning our children over to the state schools, we harbor doubts, we worry, we compare ourselves, we measure our success by the standards of the government.

And we hang onto the idea that the public school is there – just in case. Just in case we get too scared. Just in case money gets tight or the kids get to be a handful, or mom gets sick or a new baby comes along, or Johnny wants to play football or Janie wants to be a cheerleader. Just in case we get overwhelmed or insecure or tired. We don’t trust ourselves to deal with the just-in-cases. Tough times call for capitulation to a greater power – the power of the state.

This is the legacy of public schools – people afraid of freedom, a free people lacking the confidence to exercise that freedom regarding the most precious thing in their lives – their children. A free people always in danger of slipping into slavery because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to.

The good news is that freedom is one big muscle. Exercise it every day and it gets bigger and stronger. Strong produces confident. Confident produces fearless. Fearless produces committed.

The benefits begin immediately. Start your freedom exercise program today. Help someone else start one. Above all, start your children young.