An Irresponsible & Abusive Mother

October 28, 2007

by Tammy DrennanĀ 

In one of his famous letters to the editor, Don Boudreaux* asks this question: Are we so dependent upon the state that we can’t get our lives back to normal unless government is involved?

He was talking about the way folks eat up the attention of visiting politicians after disasters.

But the question applies big-time to making the break from state schools. So many people you’d think would be all for it just can’t seem to cut the apron strings. They seem afraid to be on their own, to be fully responsible — or even to allow others to choose independence.

It doesn’t matter that Mother School has proved herself an irresponsible and abusive parent — she’s still mom. At least she has a house to hang out in. The food may be junk, but at least it’s something to eat.

The best part is you can gripe to mom, make a few demands (that usually don’t get met), squabble and fight, all without getting kicked out. It’s enough to make you feel like you’re doing something with your life, even if you’re not.

There’s comfort in dependency.

Freedom takes a little daring or a lot of desperation. Either way, it takes hard work, creativity and facing reality. But the rewards are great.

*See Don’s Blog: