Lots of Good Ways

August 19, 2010

by Tammy Drennan

The great thing about independent education options is that we’re free to focus on excellence.

We don’t need to preface every change we want to introduce with long, depressing stories and studies about the pathologies of the human condition. We know they exist, we know what they are, we know we all have them, and we know they’re more complicated than any school program can address.

We know and we move on. We move on because we also know a lot of what is good, and we know that doing and offering what is good is a great way to overcome what is bad.

So we create good things. Other people see that they’re good and they want to participate. And the good things grow. And other people get inspired and create more good things.

There’s not just one good way to do education. There’s not just one good set of material to learn. There’s not just one good way to be prepared for life. There’s not even just one good way to be prepared for college.

There are lots of good ways to live and to get better at living, and that’s what education is all about.