Our Wealth is in Our Heads

August 17, 2008

by Tammy Drennan


“A recent World Bank study found that a nation’s wealth resides in its “intangible capital” — its laws, institutions, skills, smarts and cultural assumptions. “Natural capital” (minerals, croplands, etc.) and “produced capital” (factories, roads, and so on) account for less than a quarter of the planet’s wealth. In America, intangible capital — the stuff in our heads, our hearts, and our books — accounts for 82 percent of our wealth.” Jonah Goldberg, National Review On-line


Think about that. 82% of what makes us wealthy resides in “our heads, our hearts and our books.”


Our economic wealth was born of freedom. Had America chosen a socialist path early-on, we would not be the prosperous nation we are today. We would be a nation of emigrants instead of immigrants.


But the majority of our wealth – the intellectual and moral base that makes our capitalist system workable and society a desirable place to live – was also born of freedom. If we had started out with a mass state school system, we would have ended up a nation of intellectual and moral Lilliputians instead of a nation of innovators and benefactors.


Thank goodness we did not start with socialism or state schooling. Our subsequent forays into both have cost us dearly, the latter more so than the first.


It’s frightening to think that the development of our intangibles – our heads and hearts – those things that define us and account for so much of our success in every area of life — is now so firmly controlled by the state.


Every day the state makes inroads. Every day it robs us of a little more freedom, a little more morality, a little more brain power, a little more family and culture and community, a little more of our humanity.


But we have a foundation so firm, so tried and true, so awesome, that even today, even this far into our dangerous game of capitulation to the state, there is hope aplenty.


Parents are taking back their children. Adults are taking back their state-indoctrinated brains. People are choosing freedom.


Why not invite someone to the revolution?