Pity Our Children

July 16, 2010

by Tammy Drennan

Okay, I’m mad again. I try when I write to be passionate yet calm, but every once in a while I can’t help it – I just get really angry.

It’s not as if this stuff is new, but there’s no end to it. 

The state of Montana has decided it’s their civic duty to teach kindergarten children to recognize and learn the proper words for their anatomical private parts.

Maybe we should do away with that euphemism — private parts — if children attend public school, because that’s one place where nothing is private, including your body parts.

I am so bone-weary tired of the way schools, politicians, and an endless array of activists keep jerking children around and pretending they give a hoot about them. I am bone-weary tired of parents who let them do it. I am bone-weary tired of all the people who should know better trying to reform, instead of replace, the sorry houses of exploitation and moral and intellectual dilapidation we call public schools.

How many news stories do we need before we agree something awful is happening in public schools? How many children have to be traumatized, neglected, abused, exploited, miseducated, uneducated, molested, and even killed before we do something serious?

Not only are children treated like lab rats and inmates, they become animals who turn on one another. If you think I’m exaggerating, I suggest you spend some time in a typical middle school. Even teachers speak this strongly about it.

How much longer will this hoax go on? How much longer will we judge schools based on their own PR and the handful of popular kids and their parents who think they’re just peachy keen because they serve their particular interests and desires?

Our prisons are full, our therapists’ offices are full, our legal and illegal drug dealers are doing a booming business. The psychiatric/social service industry specializing in children is growing by leaps and bounds. Traumatized children are analyzed, labeled, drugged and stigmatized almost beyond belief.

We see all this, yet we continue to believe that school is a nice place for most children? Please! Do we value our own pleasures and comforts so much that we’ll sacrifice our own children for them? Do we value our own money so much that we’ll sacrifice children to save it and make it? 

What a pathetic society we’ve become. What a sorry bunch of adults make up this country. Pity the children. Pity the poor children we inflict all this upon.

God save us from ourselves and our children from us.