Public school-fueled worldview?

April 4, 2007

by Tammy DrennanĀ 

I flipped on the radio in my car this morning and heard this interesting discussion…

Could you, the three morning show hosts asked women, forgive your husband or boyfriend if he had a one-night stand?

The consensus of the four women who called in, all in their early twenties, as well as the one female host, was that as long as the affair was with a celebrity, they would understand and forgive. One young lady went to so far as to say she would consider it a compliment if her boyfriend could score a night with his dream celebrity and come back to her.

I couldn’t help but ask myself where such an attitude comes from. Would we as a society be producing this sort of worldview if schooling had never been taken over by the state? Would the world of entertainment, which contributes so much to this type of attitude, be what it is if not for state schooling?

Please give this some serious thought and share your conclusions with us.