Start with the Babies

August 25, 2008

by Tammy Drennan


“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” – Attributed to various people


I know a lady who is about to become a grandma for the first time, and I know several couples who are about to become first-time parents.


I’ve been thinking about meaningful gifts that I or others could give to new parents and babies – gifts that would keep on giving in truly eternal ways. And what is more important to the future than how a child is reared and educated?


Here are some ideas.


First, all gifts would include a bound copy of education quotations and articles most suited to the recipients – and with something fun for the baby. You can make up a nice cover and dedication page for the articles and quotations and have them thermal or spiral bound at an office supply store.


Along with the printed matter, here are some things you might include:


  • A savings bond designated for private or home education.
  • A piggy bank with money in it for the same purpose.
  • Coupons with a commitment to pay a certain amount for the child’s private/home education his first year or however many years possible.
  • A how-to book about homeschooling.
  • A subscription to a homeschool magazine.
  • Video or audio versions of a homeschool speaker or seminar.
  • Start a savings account dedicated to the baby’s future private/home education with the promise of adding to it on birthdays and holidays.
  • Information, paid entry and a babysitting offer for a homeschooling conference.

Anyone out there have more ideas? Please share them!