Ten Reasons to Choose Public School

April 5, 2009

by Tammy Drennan


1. The government has a vested interest in how my children are reared, so it has the right to teach them what it sees fit.


2. I pay school taxes — I have a right to state schooling for my children. I’m not going to watch all that money go down the drain while I pay even more to educate my children in some different or special way.


3. God has not called me to choose private or homeschooling. State schooling is God’s default choice of education for children, and until he clearly tells me to do something else, my children will be educated by the state.


4. Public school represents the kind of world my children will have to live in and it’s not likely they’ll ever be able to change that, so I want them to get used to it from the start.


5. God has called my children to be missionaries to their teachers and peers — I’m just helping them obey his command.


6. I went to public school and I turned out okay. Okay is good enough for my kids, too.


7. We would have to downgrade our lifestyle in order to pursue some independent form of education — not an option for us.


8. My life is about more than just my children. I need fulfillment, too, so I can’t devote all my time or resources to their education.


9. My church has all sorts of programs to counter the negative effects of public school, so I’m covered there.


10. Everyone else does it — I’m no leader, just a humble follower.

There is one legitimate reason to choose public school and that is if you honestly have no other option, but the operative word is “honestly.” All too many people who insist they have no other options actually do but prefer not to see them. For those who really do have no other choice, it is up to the rest of us to try to help — with ideas, time, options,  and/or money.