Vacation Liberty School

August 6, 2010

A Great Idea…

Here’s a wonderful idea – Vacation Liberty School. Even better, they provide everything you need to run your own.

It’s short – like VBS – five days for 2.5 hours a day or five weeks at one afternoon or evening each. Children ages 10-15 learn, from a Christian perspective, all about the founding of America.

The lessons on liberty, tyranny, economic freedom, the connection between faith, hope and charity and liberty, and more are chockfull of hands-on activities that make them memorable.

You’ll find video clips, lesson plans, outlines for planning the logistics of the whole thing, and lots more at their web site. I’d wager that many of you could adapt the program for other age groups or types of people (how about immigrants?).

This is an easy, doable, important idea. Great for homeschool groups, church groups, private schools, communities, your neighborhood!

Take a look at this chart that shows an overview of the program. It will entice you to plunge in and start doing your own.