The Future of Your School Choice

May 18, 2007

Here’s what you may get with a school choice program, depending on the options in your state or area: 

  • The choice for your child to attend any public school you like
  • The choice for your child to attend a private school at taxpayer expense
  • A school that has a little more freedom in curriculum choice and classes than traditional public schools
  • A school where parents are more respected than in traditional public schools
  • A school that produces test scores a little above traditional public schools

What you won’t get: 

  • A school free of state control
  • A school free to truly innovate
  • A school in which children are safe from the special interest groups that use the state to access them
  • A school in which children are safe from the whims of politicians and education fads
  • A school that parents control
  • A school that can hire – or not — whoever it pleases

If school choice becomes sufficiently widespread, so that all private schools and even home schools have the incentive to accept state funds, you will end up with no choice at all. All will be slaves to the state, and the state will be free to do as it pleases.  As it is now, politicians, teacher unions, special interests, social activists and many others work daily to deprive parents of freedom in education, usually under the guise of accountability. As more schools and families come under the authority of the state because they’re accepting government funds for their children’s education, the field of free choice will narrow and may ultimately disappear. What will you do when all your choices are state-controlled choices?