Why Independence? Why Now?

January 14, 2008

by Tammy Drennan

“Some muscles, like the heart, are essential to the health of all other muscles. Education is the heart muscle in a society.”

Why Independence? The simple answer is because freedom works and bondage does not. Freedom leads to excellence and innovation, to hope and possibility, to a future worth living. Bondage results in apathy, lethargy, mediocrity, and stagnation or decay in every area of life.

Today the majority of American children are in bondage to the state. It’s bondage because the state has largely commandeered the definition and delivery of schooling, and even where schools are independent they are usually tied to state mandates. Very few schools and even very few homeschoolers are entirely free. As a result, they are burdened to one degree or another by the natural consequences of bondage (mentioned above).

Some people feel that school choice programs (including vouchers) would solve our education woes. In reality, it would only expand our bondage. Schools that had been largely free would become dependent on the state as their funding increasingly came from that source. In the meantime, regulation would become more demanding and restrictive, and schools would sooner or later fall victim to the mediocrity and decay inherent to bondage.

We have a choice. If we want excellence in education and true freedom for our children and grandchildren, as well as hope for the large portion of the world living in squalid poverty and subjugation to dictators, we must shed the shackles of state schooling. Where bondage to the state prevails so too does hopelessness.

We’ve been operating for over 160 years on definitions filtered to us largely through people whose main interest has had nothing to do with excellence in education or even in the well-being of children, but rather in the efficiency of institutional, state schooling and social agendas. These are models for slaves, not for free people. 

Why Now?

Why Now? Because the window of freedom is still open, but it closes a little more each year. We will eventually reach the point when independence is not an option. Then there will be hope for no one.

Freedom is quite literally a muscle. It must be exercised in order to mean anything. Let go too long, it atrophies and becomes useless and thus meaningless. Some muscles, like the heart, are essential to the health of all other muscles.

Education is the heart muscle in a society. All other freedoms become weak and eventually non-existent without freedom in education. Freedom of the press, of assembly, and yes, even of religion, mean little where the state controls the intellectual and social development of citizens.

Let’s exercise our freedom muscles before they become nothing more than heavy, dead limbs — reminders of what might have been but can be no more.

Spread the message! The time is now!