Your Money & Your Children

March 30, 2008

by Tammy Drennan

There are two things you have that the government wants: your money and your children.

There are other people who also want your money and your children – and they use the government to get them.

As you well know, the government has endless big and little ways to part you from your money, but the excuse is always the same – it’s all for the good of society. Oh, they know most of it is really for other reasons. They know that all the good they pretend to be doing society is just that – pretend. But they have to give some excuse for taking your money, and that’s a good one – one that’s hard to argue with without sounding mean and stingy or anti-social.

The government has one main way of parting you from your children – state schools. The excuse is the same as with your money – it’s for the good of society. By instilling in children a state-approved package of knowledge and values and protecting them from their parents, society will be improved. They know it’s all a farce – that what happens in schools has little to do with education or protection and a lot to do with money and power. But object and you sound like a fanatic – afraid of knowledge and afraid the state will find out you swatted Junior on the tail-end for tormenting his sister or prevented your teenager from expressing herself with a Madonna costume.

We know the government wastes our money. We know it uses our money to fund morally objectionable causes, economically unsound policies, governments that hate us, pet projects of the powerful, the list could go on forever.

We know state schools fail to educate a vast number of children, even by their own low standards. We know that children are abused in public schools – physically, emotionally, morally and intellectually – every day of the school year, all across the nation.

We know that the government and state schools will do anything to get our money and our children – lie, cheat, steal, lie about their lies and cheating and stealing.

We know that the people who use and work with government to take what is ours will help with the lying, cheating and stealing.

You may find the battle to keep what is yours wearisome, and that is understandable. So if you must compromise – compromise your money, not your children.

Never compromise your children. No matter how hard it is to protect them, do it. No matter how many years you must fight, fight. No matter how many sacrifices you must make, make them.

Your children are worth everything.